A long-time favorite in his native country, Gadi Mitrani has been representing theTurkishunderground with esteemsince first bursting onto the scene over 15 years ago. A true visionary, Mitrani is considered an integral figure amongTurkey’s close-knit community of DJs, producers, label owners and live acts. Nonetheless, it is testament to hisunyielding dedication to electronic music that his talent is rightly beginning to earn the kudos it deserves outside of hismotherland.

A highly technical DJ renowned for his ability to mix four tracks between analog and digital,Mitraniis also famed forhis live, ‘in booth’ remixes. However, it’s his sheer eclecticism that continues to bring him to the attention of some ofthe scene’s most celebrated dance floors.Soon based in Miami(where he will act atBehrouz’s Do Not Sit on theFurniture Club),Mitrani’s adopted city is renowned the world over for its inclusive, diverse and colourful vibes. Inshort, it’s a city that neatly mirrors his own unique approach to his craft.